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Attracting New Customers

Foot Doctors Flagstaff In most cases a website is built primarily to generate new sales for a company. There are a lot of factors that can influence how people use the site, and thus how much new revenue your site contributes to your business. We take pains to ensure our sites are efficiently organized during the design process and that we've created a site which will meet with initial success in the search engines. After the site goes live we monitor its visibility under selected keywords and make adjustments to the site's content and code to make improvements.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - To ensure you get as much visibility as possible in search results, we invest significant energy in creating content, pages and navigation that will speak the important keywords clearly to the search engines. Once the site has been live for one to two months, we get feedback from the search engines showing how they've evaluated the site. We'll revise the SEO strategy and make adjustments to the content and code on your website. Our package pricing includes thorough design-time SEO and a follow-up modification two months after the site goes live. For customers which require fiercely aggressive internet marketing we can customize our services to create a program to meet your needs.

Flow of Information - Making your website available to prospects is only part of the battle. Once a visitor arrives on your site, what information do they want before making a purchasing decision. Evaluating the behavior of traffic on the site, we can tell how the sitePonderosa Pet Crematory is being used. Armed with a couple months of traffic statistics, we can adjust the navigation and internal linking on the site to ensure your prospects get the answers they're seeking as quickly and easily as possible.

Real World Integration - The internet is a powerful tool, but should be considered one part of a comprehensive marketing plan. Adding your website's URL (universal resource locator - such as "") to your business cards, pamphlets, commercials, and other marketing efforts will improve the overall effectiveness of each separate component. Marketing is usually subject to the principle of synergy, the combined result is greater than the sum of the separate elements. To facilitate integration with your other materials, we can provide any imagery or information created during development to your design team. If you want to participate in the marketing co-op program we'll even do the design work for your advertisements in many cases.

Continuing Support - Any time you feel your site needs better visibility, that the effectiveness must be addressed, or that competition is starting to hedge you out of the market, we're here to help reevaluate the site's performance and enact a plan to regain or increase exposure.

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